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Need to launch a website and ensure its stable operation? Unsure which hosting will meet your project needs? No matter what the case of yours is, there is no better way of dealing with it than asking professionals. And we are ready to help. eWeb Canada is your expert advisor and directory to a world of the best web hosting solutions. Our professional web hosting reviews and ratings will help you learn everything about web hosting and make the right choice when picking a solution for your online project.

Find Top Web Hosting in Any of the Below Categories

Do not waste your time researching technical specs of different hosting solutions. There is no need to test them out yourself. It is enough to check our professional reviews to get an understanding of whether a particular hosting meets your project needs and budget expectations. Find here comprehensive reviews and ratings covering all the below categories.

  1. Best Cheap Hosting
  2. Best Dedicated Hosting
  3. Best VPS Hosting
  4. Best WordPress Hosting
  5. Best Site Builder
  6. Best Hosting for Blogs
  7. Best cPanel Solutions
  8. Best Domain Hosting
  9. Best Email Hosting
  10. Best PHP Hosting

The number of hosting providers is just impressive; thus, even those who have already done some basic market research can get lost without knowing what solution or service package to pick. Luckily, you have our guide at hand, and it will never let you fail!

We have done everything so that you could easily find the necessary hosting category on the site, be it the best cheap hosting or the best WordPress hosting solution. Even if you do not know what hosting type is perfectly suited for your web project, we will help you with this question as well. Know all the features of the different types of hosting in order to purchase the right one and ensure the stable operation of your site without paying a double price.

Need something cheap and simple? Looking for dedicated hosting? Want to know the best offers of shared hosting on the market? We will help you find the ultimate package with whatever features and extras you may need.

Apart from detailed information about every hosting, our guide also contains the lists/ ratings of providers sorted based on hosting features they provide. Thus, if your site is built on WordPress or Joomla, you will be able to see what hosting providers have a dedicated service package for your project type. The same refers to hosting offers for bloggers or eCommerce people – find all the packages in one place. In our lists, we cover only top hosts with reliable service, user-friendly control panel, cPanel, and professional tech support.

Our hosting guide is targeted towards both novice webmasters and experienced web people and will put an end to your blind searches for the best web hosting that meets all the search criteria. Keep an eye on our regularly updated ratings to be on top of the best offers on the market.

Why Us? Canada experts constantly monitor the industry, test different providers, and know everything about their service quality and solutions they offer. You will not read a single biased word in the reviews we post. Every hosting provider is tested with special online tools aimed at tracking server uptime and doing load speed measurements. Find more about our hosting assessment criteria further in the text.

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Selection Criteria for the Best Web Hosting


You can always count on us – we approach testing and assessment of every hosting with utter responsibility. Apart from checking the overall service quality, we pay special attention to the promise they make, whether it meets the reality or there is anything you should be aware of. 99.9% server uptime sounds just great, but what if it is less? You should know what you are paying for and what you can expect from the provider.

There are many different characteristics that we’re keeping a close eye on to ensure that every our review and rating reflect the reality. Here is the short list of actions we take when running hosting tests and making assessments:

  1. Pick the most popular hosting providers (or newly launched services) based on user feedback or customer reviews;
  2. Create a new site for testing purposes;
  3. Subscribe for different types of hosting plans (we choose at least one service package at each provider);
  4. Use dedicated services and analysis tools to measure page load speed, server uptime, and responsiveness;
  5. Check the availability of any extra features the service offers.

Of course, technical testing of web hosting is a great thing, but it is not the only thing we do. Apart from the above steps, we also manually check the availability of website builders and cPanels, bandwidth, response time, and channels of communication with customer support. The latter is critically important when it comes to the development of a new site, which requires round-the-clock support and the availability of the CS personnel.

Of course, different hosting services provide different quality – some are better, while others may have some problems with bandwidth, server uptime, etc. No matter what hosting solution you pick, even the best performing one can stumble sometimes. That’s why we always strive to know the hard reality; therefore, we never rely on information they or their customers post. All in all, hosting solutions that fail to pass the minimum of our requirements will never be listed in our ratings.

Over the years of our work, we have dealt with hundreds of hosting providers and know exactly how to choose the right host. So if you have no clue how it works and what’s important here, our team is always ready to guide and support you.

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eWeb team unites professionals of different specialties and backgrounds. Combined efforts and knowledge allow us to successfully handle multiple projects and keep the market of hosting provides under control. Basically, site performance testing is what we would have been doing anyway, so why not to share our findings with others?

We put our reputation as our top value and would never compromise it with fake recommendations, biased reviews, etc. That’s why in our top-5 ratings, you will find only those hosting providers whose top service we are 100% sure about. We are only glad to promote trusted and quality services that deserve to be promoted.


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